Formulation development

 We develop formulations for your demands, whether for the dry mix, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants or the print and artistcolors-industry. Choose your desired level of quality: from professional to DIY.

Starting formulation for a tile adhesive Find more interesting starting formulations to download
Material Safety Data Sheets MSDSs for your market


 A product must satisfy required needs for a successful placing on the market. An analysis of available market potential and a suitable strategy for the right product-portfolio integration is essential. Technical documentation, suitable packaging and labeling is also needed for a perfect product appearance.

 We offer evaluation of technical datasheets, processing instructions etc., as well as product-specific material safety datasheets in accordance with your local guidelines. We help you with the implementation up to an integral concept.

Development of validating routines

 To produce cost-effectively and ensure constant quality, it’s necessary to validate and check the determined parameters of every manufactured product to create less work in post production.

We develop testing methods for your existing laboratory equipment or offer you a tailor-made solution for your demands. Our European network is a global leader in quality assurance.

Raw material testing in a coating-optimised environment
Trial with contact angle optimization Trial with contact angle optimization

Process Management

Achieve more efficiency by optimizing current formulations and performance. Current processes and products will be analyzed and tested for possible issues.

New formulations will be accompanied from development to the realization of production – all with your raw materials.

Raw material sourcing

Raw material sourcing is the key factor for a stable and cost efficient production. The success of your process depends on the choice of strategic partners with the right products for your demands.

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