We rely on methods that have proven successful to create -and reach - our clients' targets - no purely theoretical approaches

Range of service

As consultants, we're covering all aspects of dry mix, paints & coatings, print- and artist-colors, adhesives & sealants, as well as other construction chemical products.

    - Process management

    - Formulation development (more informations under "Product related engineering")

    - Failure analysis

    - Product optimization

    - Guidance for up-scaling processes

    - Raw material screening and sourcing

    - Colorimetric guidance

    - Product management

    - Elaboration of technical and material safety data sheets

    - Development and planning of testing routines and necessary laboratory equipment

    - Plant engineering and processing guidance

    - Performance optimization for higher effectiveness

    - Access to European network of leading suppliers in machine- and plant construction

    - and much, much more. Feel free to ask!

Basis       We exercise the highest level of discretion

      Avoidance of conflicting interests through intersecting mandates

      Fair service bartering with transparent processes

Maxim    Develop together